*Financial Records Relief System   Only $20 per Month    (Demo - Accounting Relief ) 

Pro Act Associates, Inc., [PAA], a group of business advisors, is extending a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs to subscribe to Financial Records Relief System (FRRS), a new and exciting state-of-the art computer system. FRRS is a secure and private system used by PAA Advisors to set up accounts for business owners that sign up to become subscribers. FRRS subscribers are issued an account, a log-in ID and access instructions. At that point, subscribers can select a financial tasks, such as updating and managing financial documents, performing a variety of record keeping functions as bookkeeping or handling other business related transactions, quickly and efficiently. The best news of all, is any of this can be done any time, at any place and from any available computer.

One of PAA’s primary goals is to assist business owners with finding ways to build and expand their enterprises using the most modern tools and resources on the market today, and FRRS is a premier example. To help subscribers get stated, PAA has Advisors that are ready and available to make on-site visits, by appointment, to provide the training and technical support necessary for operating the system.

There are tremendous benefits to signing up and having access to FRRS- it can help subscribers save money! Once an account has been created, subscribers can print the information that has been inputted from numerous options, such as a form, statement or report. Also, PAA can make periodic checks to monitor the accuracy of the data inputted and, when necessary, alert subscribers if errors are discovered. It is important to have this type of monitoring, because it helps to insure that the FRRS financial reports, statements and documents generated includes the most accurate information possible, so that owners get a realistic overview of their business finances and can make the best planning and goal setting decision. For more information or to become a subscriber, contact the PAA Office at: (215) 879-2407.